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The discovery of biotechnology as a field has allowed us to create genetically modified end-results. It is particularly useful in the production of genetically mutated antibiotics, hormones and food.

Biotechnology became the savior of people who were allergic to a certain element in food or antibiotic, who were affected by a fatal disease as well as those who lacked a gene or hormone.

The course of Biotechnology

In order to get good grades in biotechnology, it is very important to write an assignment that is “A” worthy as the assignment only carries 40% of weightage. To be able to do so, the students must have sound knowledge of the topics below.


Yeast, Bread, Alcohol, Antibiotic and Fermentation for enhanced taste; including Coffee, Cocoa and Vanilla

Catalysts used at Home and in Industry

Lysozyme. Amylase for Brewing and Baking. Protease to tenderize meat and tan leather, etc.

Gene Technology

Single Stranded Virus RNA, Endonuclease and DNA Ligase, etc.

White Biotechnology

Useful enzyme production, Glutamine Synthetase, Feedback Inhibition of Aspartate Kinase, Aspartame, etc.

Viruses, Antibodies and Vaccine

About Virus, Antibody Immune Response, Injecting Antibodies via Vaccination, etc.

Environmental Biotechnology

Aerobic Water Purification, Biogas, Biomass, Bioplastic, etc.

Green Biotechnology

Microbes, Algae and Cyanobacteria, Callus and Suspension Cultures, etc.

Embryos, Cloning and Transgenic Animals

Artificial insemination, IVF, Gene Pharming, Cloning, etc.

Myocardial Infarction, Cancer and Stem Cells

Anticoagulants, Help from the Enzymes, GE Factor VIII, Cancer Treatments, etc.

Analyzing Biotechnology and Human Genome

POC Tests, Separating DNA Fragments using Gel Electrophoresis, Human Genome Project, etc.

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